The Leading Society of Boutique Hotel Experts Launched

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on 01 June 2013
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HotelBrains Worldwide
The Leading Society of Boutique Hotel Experts Launched
Athens, Greece - June 2013 - HotelBrains Worldwide, the leading society of boutique hotel experts was launched today.

The purpose of the pioneering cloud affiliation is to connect the boutique hotel “brains” around the globe, so as to form a leading society under a common umbrella which builds and promotes strong and unique boutique hotel personalities.

HotelBrains worldwide affiliation aims to build a global brand, share a great wealth of experience, networking, collaboration, desirability and direct communication among the “artists” who participate to the development of the “theatrical play” that each boutique hotel should offer to its guests.

Mr. Panos Paleologos, founder of HotelBrains Worldwide, stated: “What we wish to accomplish through the affiliation, is to promote the idea that a boutique hotel is not renting beds. A handful of artists create a unique experience, like a theatrical play where every little detail is orchestrated to win the applaud of the audience and create a magical unforgettable moment. These artists should be somehow united, because in our fast, always-on, global marketplace, we need to operate at full potential. Accumulating market intelligence in the global environment where we operate is a must for doing more, faster, at lower cost with better results. Boundless collaboration and focused execution have never been needed as urgently as today”.

More than an affiliation, HotelBrains Worldwide is an alliance of experts who shares common values on hospitality experience, setting at the same time high standards on customer engagement among the boutique hotels of the world. Preserving their independency, members will instantly increase visibility and reputation, while getting global market intelligence fast and efficient. Members will belong to a powerful worldwide affiliation that will generate business opportunities in today's fast changing globalized marketplace. The members’ categories are: Culinary artists, branding visionaries, photography artists, architectural designers, ambient dreamers, well-being mentors, event maestros and storytellers.

For more information on the profile, the categories and the benefits to join HotelBrains Worldwide, please visit:

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